Remembering Skylab

May 14, 1973, SA-513, the last Saturn V was launched.  Instead of the usual third stage and Apollo spacecraft, the payload was the first US space station, Skylab.  Built from a Saturn IB upper stage, S-IV-B 214, Skylab would have a spacious workshop area, telescope mount, multiple docking adapter and large solar panels for power. […]

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Farewell, Eugene Cernan

Today, we have the sad news of the passing of Capt. Eugene Cernan, Gemini 9 Pilot, Apollo 10 Lunar Module Pilot and Apollo 17 Commander.  To remember, I’ll share my takes on his missions. I think this quote from his autobiographical movie, The Last Man on the Moon is fitting way to remember Capt. Cernan: […]

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The quote above was on display of Apollo 1 training suits inside the Davidson Center at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville the last time I visited in 2014.  I hope it is still there as a reminder of the will and courage of the era. It is almost 50 years since that […]

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First Rendezvous

The hard luck of Gemini 6A and her crew, Wally Schirra and Tom Stafford to get off the ground, finally ended on December 15, 1965 with a successful launch.  Originally scheduled to be the first attempt to dock with an Agena, their first launch attempt on October 25 was scrubbed when the Agena was lost […]

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Mercury’s Sunset

With the sad news that John Glenn passed away today, the sun has set on the pioneers of the US Astronaut Corps, the original Mercury Seven.  While I have described myself as a Child of Apollo, the inspiration of Mercury was always there.  One of my favorite toys as a child was the classic GI […]

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